Case Study of Improving BI Apps and OBIEE Performance

Presented by Dan Vlamis

A customer implemented BI Applications and query performance was not as good as they expected and was getting worse over time. Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc. was engaged for an OBIEE “health check” to help evaluate how they could improve their query performance. The three-week assessment focused on improving their query performance and the overnight ETL process. Vlamis used APE Diagnostics from Troype software and OBIEE’s usage tracking tables to investigate the performance issues. In this engaging session, come learn about how you too can improve performance over what is delivered out of the box with BI Apps. Learn how you can identify the reports and analyses as well as the underlying tables and partitions that are being accessed the most and which ones are contributing to you performance bottlenecks. Learn how a customer can quickly drill down from a report to a logical query to a physical query (including an Explain Plan) and identify performance bottlenecks. See how they are implementing empirically-based performance improvements. We will discuss techniques such as: Aggregate tables, proper indexes, eliminating complex filters and predicates in the front end, and other techniques. We expect that others in the audience will also share their ideas on how to analyze and improve query performance in Oracle BI.

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