Building Cubes and Analyzing Data Using Oracle OLAP 11g

Presented by Dan Vlamis Prepared by Cathye Pendley

Can I move my existing “multi-dimensional cubes” to 11g? Can I really improve my warehouse performance using OLAP? What is the benefit of upgrading to OLAP 11g? Do you need those “analytic workspace” things if you’re going to use Oracle Business Intelligence? And can Oracle BI really generate more efficient SQL than you? This presentation will demonstrate the process of migrating 10g cubes and dimensions to 11g and using Oracle OLAP 11g to create cubes and analyze data. There will be a practical look at the new features of OLAP 11g and what it means to the Warehouse Architect and Users. OLAP 11g adds a lot of new features designed to help the DBA and Architect build multidimensional warehouses rapidly and integrate them seamlessly into the relational model. This presentation will help a DBA prepare a database and design schemas for use by SQL and OLAP applications and help an application developer understand what options are possible and how to gain maximum value from a data warehouse.

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