BIWA Bootcamp: Visualizing Data Using Maps in OBI 11g

Presented by Tim Vlamis

Tuesday, April 12 10:30am – 11:30am 224 Lab Technical Session BI/Data Warehousing/EPM
Maps convey dense multi-dimensional relationships in data faster and more intuitively than any other graphical display methodology. Access to accurate properly displayed information is critical in a competitive environment. Maps are now built-in to OBIEE 11g as a native view and make data visualization through maps available to all users.
This lab will show attendees how to:
• add maps to their dashboards
• identify customers and unique locations on maps
• use continuous fill binning with map regions and areas
• use maps as a selection tool
• use point of interest data (POIs) to uncover business insights
• represent multi-dimensional data via maps
• learn best practice data visualization techniques

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