Autonomous Machine Learning in Oracle Analytics: Enterprise Predictive Analytics for Everyone

Presented by Dan Vlamis and Tim Vlamis

Oracle Analytics release 5.7 features tighter integration between Oracle Analytics and Machine Learning capabilities of the Oracle database, including the Oracle Autonomous Database.
We are now seeing the next major wave in predictive analytics and machine learning in which business users only bring their domain expertise and allow their analytics systems to make recommendations and manage the high math computations. In this special webinar, we’ll walk you through how Oracle Analytics can leverage truly enterprise scale machine learning models and capabilities in Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud and Database Cloud Service. We’ll also show you how these can blend with other autonomous machine learning capabilities built-in to Oracle Analytics like one-click forecasting and clustering, data profiling, and automated data set extensions. This webinar is to be presented August 19, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. US Central time. Come to this webinar to see how we can combine the machine learning capabilities of the Oracle database with the flexible front end features of the Oracle Analytics platform to enable you to solve business problems such as:

•Which attributes affect my business the most?

•What transactions are most likely fraudulent?

Note that Oracle Analytics Server customers will receive these features in a later release of OAS.
Join Dan Vlamis, Oracle ACE Director, and Tim Vlamis, Oracle ACE as they demonstrate live these features, illustrating real-world business problems. Just like our previous presentations (see for a list), this webinar will include a fast-paced presentation with live demos.

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