Advanced OLAP: Making the Hard Stuff Easy

Presented by Chris Claterbos

As Business Intelligence systems gets more integrated in today’s businesses many businesses find that they need more complex questions answered. The simple questions such as sales by customer within a region over time are now easy to answer. But now companies want to ask questions about how many unique purchasers do they have on their webstore each month. Did a promotion bring in any new purchasers and did they buy anything after the promotion. While many of today’s BI systems can allow for such questions but getting the answers in seconds rather than minutes our hours is a big problem. Throwing more hardware and cache memory is not always the best option. Using Oracle OLAP to solve some of the advanced analytic problems is easy and straightforward if you know how. This presentation, using examples and actual cases, will show how to solve many of these problems. Four specific problems will be discussed and using a “Cook Book” approach the solution will be presented. These problems include: Unique Counts, Complex Time Series, Measure Hierarchies and Custom Aggregates. Using the solutions presented BI analysts and developers will be able to go back to their companies and apply them to their complex analytic questions easily and improve their BI Solutions with less effort and improved performance.

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