Vlamis Force Directed Graph Plugin

By: Vlamis Staff
January 18, 2018
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The Force Directed Graph plugin from Vlamis Software Solutions in collaboration with Oracle allows you to visualize your data by creating an interactive node and link diagram. Each node’s location is customizable and are held together by a simulated force. Nodes can be expanded or collapsed to show more data or hide unwanted data and the size of the node represents a customized measure. If you click and drag a node to a new location the remainder of the diagram reacts by redistributing other nodes to prevent overlap.


Force Directed Graphs are effective at representing multi-level hierarchies and are highly engaging due to their initial “bounce and balance” effect. Nodes will display subordinate data if they are clicked and can be pinned to a customized location by clicking ad dragging. Examples of good use cases for this graph are: product hierarchies, field service organizations, and time hierarchies.

The Force Directed Graph Plugin is now live on the Oracle Analytics Library!

For more information visit our Force Directed Graph Plugin page!

We will continue to update this blog entry as information is available.


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