Vlamis Allows the World to Try Oracle Software

By: Vlamis Staff
August 20, 2014
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All three of Vlamis’s Oracle test drives have migrated to the new AWS Orbitera platform. We have free test drives for:

  • OBIEE (2 labs),
  • Oracle Advanced Analytics (2 labs), and
  • Oracle Big Data (5 labs)

The OBIEE 11g Test Drive incorporates the newest version of SampleApp. With this new interface, you only need to register once for all of our test drives.

In each case, we make Oracle content more accessible, allowing you to immediately use Oracle software with a dedicated virtual machine, alleviating the need to download a VM. There is a lot there, so you’ll want to devote somewhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours to the test drive. We even have videos to watch that detail the process while you wait for your own private virtual machine to start up. You connect to your VM via a browser (BI), Windows Remote Desktop (OAA) or VNC (Big Data).

You can get more information and spin up your own test drive at www.vlamis.com/td.


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