Oracle 11g Partner Readiness Training

By: Dan Vlamis
September 5, 2007
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Several of us from Vlamis Software attended Oracle’s 11g Partner Readiness Training in early August, 2007.  The training went very well.  Yes, it’s a bit high-level because there’s so much to absorb with 11g, but it was very effective at hitting the high points of what’s new.  Unfortunately, much of what’s in the press about 11g is necessarily the real “bullet points”, so it doesn’t get into the neat features in the release.  This training gets into those features.  Of course, we were mostly interested in the features related to BI and DW, but really, many of the features are related to those topics.

There are too many features for me to go into in this blog post.  Attend the training if you can!

Some of the features covered include:

    • Real Application Testing


    • Database Replay


    • Database Result Cache


    • Patch Automation


    • Advanced Security Option


    • Database Vault


    • Composite Partitioning


    • 11g OLAP with cube refresh


    • Data Mining


    • Hyperion Essbase


    • BI SE One


    • Secure Files


    • Advanced Compression


    • Information Lifecycle Management


    • Flashback Data Archive


    • Data Guard


    • Automatic Storage Management


And that’s just the highlights.  As I look through the more technical section, there’s a lot more.  Let me point out one that I found as just an example:

I’m anxious to see if the new “virtual columns” feature will eliminate our need to create views on dimension tables and fact tables, when all we need is to add a column that holds “TOTAL PRODUCT” as a value in every row.

If you’re an Oracle partner, check at to see if Oracle is coming to visit you.  Highly recommended!


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